Resources to Pass to Parents

Handouts, Milestones and More - information and support for families of children with apraxia of speech. 

At the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) official site go to  Typical Speech and Language Development to find charts of developmental milestones and information about literacy, pragmatics, and language.  On the Child Speech and Language page, find specific information about conditions and disorders such as apraxia, dysarthria, stuttering, voice, speech sound disorders, autism, and TBI. For children birth to age 6, look at Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development.  These pages make good handouts as all are “printer friendly.”

Computer Time Tips from Aven's Corner

SuperDuper® Handy Handouts® are FREE, online, informational handouts for teachers and parents. Topics include articulation, phonology, AAC, basic concepts, speech and language therapy, social skills, apraxia, and much, much more. 

The Autism Society has resources for professionals and parents.

The Stuttering Foundation provides free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families. Many free flyers, books, and brochures are available.

Articulation / Phonology Practice

Practice specific articulation sounds using the Story Making Machine at 

Find a speech sound development chart and articulation worksheets for numerous phonemes at Mommy Speech Therapy.

Articulation Materials at Speaking of are free for educators.  

Many articulation phonological awareness games and activities are found at

Print these articulation activities from Mrs. Youngbauer's Speech and Language Page.

There are many free articulation activities at

Visit the blog, Constantly Speaking, for great book lists that correlate with articulation objectives.

Language and Literacy has great seasonal activities, a wonderful introduction to letter sounds, and some easy to read fiction and nonfiction books.  Good for the beginning reader, but also very good for those children who need to increase their sentence production and practice answering questions. Black and white versions of the books and other activities on the site can be printed by clicking here

There is much information, as well as activities and printables, for parents at’s Parents.  

    Visit the blog, Constantly Speaking, for book lists that correlate with social skills, and specific language skills. 

Find over 200 books to read on-line at Pearson's Publishing We Give Books.  Choose from SpotSkippyjon JonesLadybug Girl,Madeline, and popular books from authors such as Jan Brett, Rosemary Wells, and Anna Dewdney.

Monthly activity calendars, simple games and more activities for parents can be found at Jean Warren's site, Preschool

Carl's Corner is an incredibly huge web site created by Cherry Carl, a retired (or should I say semi-retired) teacher. There are numerous free printable books and activities that can be used for therapy or home practice (you may need to scroll past the paid printables).

Visit this great blog, Playing With Words 365 for her four part series Top Toys & How They Can Support Speech - Language Development - Part One, Part Two,   Part Three, and  Part Four

Reading is Fundamental (RIF), the largest children's literacy nonprofit in the United States, has resources for parents as well as activities for students age 0 to 15.  

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