About Me

In 1978, my salary for the school year was $6,400. 

A Peabody Language Development Kit
As a new school SLP, I had a caseload of 75 students and a budget of $50 for the year to purchase supplies, test protocols, and therapy materials.  The therapy materials supplied by my school consisted of several assessment tools, three Peabody Language Development Kits, and some black-line articulation cards.

I was always looking for low-cost therapy materials.  I made my own games, articulation cards, and most other therapy materials. This involved actual drawing, coloring, cutting (with scissors) and pasting (with glue) to create these materials. I would have absolutely loved to have had access to speech and language resources now available on the Internet.

I began this blog in my 33rd year of working for my local school division as an SLP. I am now at the beginning of my 41st year. I have worked with elementary and middle school populations and, for 20 of those years, was privileged to work in early childhood special education classrooms. I currently work in the Assistive Technology Department as an SLP and occasionally provide therapy services. Nevertheless, I continue to search for affordable speech and language ideas to use during training and assessment.

I would like to share the great therapy ideas that I find daily as well as the substantial number of resources and activities that I have collected during my career. I welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions. If you would like to contact me directly, send me an e-mail at Diana@thebudgetslp.com.

Please come back often.

Diana Quinn