Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Am Hungry . . . for Thanksgiving Dinner

This repetitive Thanksgiving story was made quickly and easily with PowerPoint. If you don't use PowerPoint, you should learn. It's not just for presentations.  Pictures and text boxes can be moved and re-sized easily. I have used it to create photo collages, weekly and monthly newsletters, flip charts for whiteboards, books for my students, flyers, signs, and so much more. 

I would use this book to reinforce the use of the "I am;" however, you can customize this book to meet your needs. Some suggestions are below. 

- Put a picture of a student on each page along with the food of their choice. Continue with the "I am hungry" theme. Let each student read the page with their picture. Change to teach possessive /s/ - I am hungry. I want Henry's turkey. Or practice pronouns - He/She is hungry. She wants turkey. 

- Print the story as handouts (six to a page). Cut out the pictures to make cards. The children could use negation and tell likes and dislikes when the pictures are presented - I don't like corn. I like peas. 

- Change the story to practice past tense - I was so hungry. I ate the turkey. 

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