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Arranging Your Speech Therapy Space

If you are working in a school, you are or will be soon getting your speech therapy space together. For much of my career, I shared rooms with other SLPs or special education teachers. My space varied from large enough to extremely tiny. Every August, a few days were devoted to cleaning and setting up my space. 

As more of my therapy time was spent in classrooms. organizing my therapy space became more about function and less about decor.

My absolutely essential items include

  • Clear storage tubs to store toys and other hands-on items by theme - at least one for each month. A must if you work with many preschoolers!

  • A large basket or container to store the current monthly thematic materials. 

  • Binders or small boxes containing articulation pictures, books, small manipulatives, etc. One for each phoneme and also some for phonological processes.  This really helped when I was traveling between schools.

  • One four drawer filing cabinet with drawers labeled fall, winter, spring, and summer. Use this for file folder games, books, and lesson ideas. 

  • Containers to keep materials together for some of my high maintenance small group and individual sessions. I love the "book boxes" and other storage ideas at Kindergarten . . . Kindergarten

  • Visual display boards

  • A rolling cart to transport anything and everything.

  • A grab and go place for my visual supports.


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