Sunday, August 10, 2014

If I had a Speech Room . . .

I don't have a speech room. I have had many speech rooms in the past, but don't need one now. I have a desk, a filing cabinet, and eight wonderful colleagues who share my space. 

However, if I had a speech room . . . . 

  • I would keep it simple, free from clutter and visual distractions. So many of our student's behavior and learning is improved when visual distractions are decreased. Allie's room at 5678 Communicate is my favorite room yet! Go to her blog to see several posts with pictures of her attractive, but clutter free room.  

  • I would cover my desk.  For of my 30+ years of teaching, my desks were old and well used.  
    You don't need to spend a lot of money to revitalize your old and rusty desk. Just cover it with contact paper, wrapping paper, fabric, bulletin board paper, or maybe paint. Click on the blogs below to see many creative ways to brighten your desk.  

  • I would use free items found at Teachers pay Teachers for bulletin boards and other room decor. Here are just a few. 


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  1. I have spent many an hour dreaming up the ideal therapy space. Thanks for the list of freebies. I have some cute Speech Room Door Hangers as the featured freebie (or as I like to call them SWEETIES) in my store. Check them out!


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