Sunday, July 1, 2012


I just returned from my second vacation out west in a month's time. I visited eight states, at least six national parks, and three major cities.  I had fun, but am glad to be back at work. During this last trip, I was able to read my blogs (when I had service) and saw that many bloggers are posting activities for those of you who are serving ESY students or those of you who work throughout the year. Here are some of the posts that I found. 

Simply Speech posted a free 4th of July game targeting synonyms and antonyms. 

At Speech Time Fun you will find a variety of summer activities including summer themed activities targeting synonyms, wh-questions, and categories. 

Speech Room News posted a free S'more Articulation Game for the /r/, /th/, /l/ and /s/ sounds. 

Find wonderful ocean themed printable books at Chapel Hill Snippets.



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