Friday, August 17, 2012

Backpack, Backpack

Here are some more school related activities for your younger students:

Recite "Backpack, backpack, what is in the backpack?" as you pull items out of a backpack. Students can name the items and answer questions about the functions of the objects.  I created a simple PowerPoint book to go along with the activity. You can download Backpack, Backpack here. 

One year, I read Backpack Puppy from Scholastic and modified the above PowerPoint book to place an emphasis on yes/no responses. Download the PowerPoint book here. 

Take pictures of student's backpacks and students can tell possession in response to the question, "Whose backpack is this?" Responses might include mine, my, pointing to self or others, or possessive nouns such Mary's backpack.

Have fun describing school supplies.  Use magnifying glasses or a document camera inspect a variety of school supplies. 
Match colored backpacks with books and bears at Kizsparkz.  Put articulation pictures on the cards and have students say the words as they match the the items to the appropriate backpack. 

2 Teaching Mommies offers a free printable "school supply unit." The pictures can be printed and used for numerous speech and language activities. I especially like Which is different? and the Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Look at these free books at Carl'sCorner (scroll past the paid activities). They can be used during articulation therapy or to teach a variety of language concepts.  
  • A Dog Can Go to School
  • Ask Us About School
  • Come Here Cat
  • Crayon Crazy
  • Four Little Penguins
  • I Can Read
  • Red School, Red School, What do you see?
  • Things We do at School
  • We Love Recess
Another free book, In My Backpack can be found at 4GASLPs


The backpack clip art is free from

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