Friday, February 8, 2013

Free App February: Apps for Young Children

Although I spend a lot of time with the early childhood population, I titled this Apps for Young Children as these apps may be appropriate for early childhood and/or students in primary grades as well.  

Chipper's Rainy Day Adventure by Invent-A-Tale
This short story gives students opportunities to answer questions, make predictions and make choices about the story. 

Three Little Pigs - A Play HD by C&B Unlimited
There were lite and full versions of this app in the iTunes Store; however, both were free so I chose the full version which also has a matching activity.  This adorable version of the story has a modern twist.  Practice answering questions, describing characters and houses, and retelling the story. Recreate the play by having students pretend to be the characters. Props would be easy - a helmet, flowers, and magazines. Paper props for the houses and materials can be found at

Two of six apps featuring Peep and the Big Wide World
PEEP and the Big Wide World Trash Stash by WGBH - A sorting activity.

PEEP and the Big Wide World House Hunt by  WGBH - Match the animal to the correct home. Teach verb tense, vocabulary, question skills, and increase utterance length.

I find many of the apps by My First App useful for speech-language therapy. Each app offers two free games and has many others that are locked for purchase. Here are just a few. 

My Scene and My House
Label objects, actions and locations. Create stories about the scenes.

Build a Toy
Give or follow directions, label parts, and increase utterance length. 


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