Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free App February: Tools for You

This Free App February post features apps that you might find useful for planning, conducting therapy, or even for personal use. 

Tally Counter by Pixel Research Labs

A simple tally counter. Customize by controlling the sound and setting a limit. 

Picture Card Maker by Bo Innovations

Create free visual supports with this easy to use app. A great app to recommend to parents who want visual supports or pictures for communication at home.  Using photographs of  objects and actions meaningful to the individual makes this app appropriate for all ages. 

In addition to printable cards, these picture cards can be used directly over the device as a communication tool. However, there are ads and not all ads are appropriate for children. If using this as a communication tool, you might want to spend the $5.99 to purchase Picture Card Maker Plus.

Similar to Dropbox, but with more storage, you can easily access any file on your tablet, phone, or computer. Sharing is easy, so I use Google Drive to store all of the downloads that you find on this blog.

Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad and iPhone by C.B. Liu

Feeddler syncs with my Google Reader allowing me to read blogs that I subscribe to on my phone or iPad.  I always have something interesting to read! 

If you don't use Google Reader, but would like to know how, check out my post Keeping Track of Blogs!

Use Skitch to annotate photos, maps, web pages, and screenshots with arrows, text, and shapes. Zoom and crop images, pixelate portions of images, add highlights, and share your work with any application that accepts images.

Use Skitch to demonstrate the use of a web page or app. Support your students with visuals by annotating directions, important words in sentences, or for readers, target phonemes. 


I have written about the following apps in a prior post. To see more, read my post Apps to Make Life a Little Easier

Dropbox - Up to 2GB of storage. 
Easy to move files from 
computer to computer, ipad to 
computer, and from work to home. 

VisTimerFree - A free visual timer.
Customize colors and sounds for up
to five minutes.

Easybee Age Calculator
Calculates age faster than
I calculate ages manually. 


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