Thursday, June 13, 2013

File These Apps Under Phonemic Awareness

Many of you are not working :) and will forget about these apps by August or September, so . . .  create a Phonemic Awareness file on your iPad. Some of these apps might also be useful for articulation therapy and for auditory bombardment. 

To create a file (1) Hold down one app until all apps wiggle. (2) Drag one app on top of another to create a file. (3) Rename the file. (4) Drag other apps to the closed file. (5) To stop the wiggle, push the home button. Big Bug and Little Bug by Age of Learning, Inc.

Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game by Lakeshore Learning Materials 26 A-Z Music Videos by Age of Learning, Inc. NOTE - Only the letters a, b, and c are free. You have to purchase other videos as in app purchases OR earn tickets by listening to the free songs to purchase downloads of the desired videos with your tickets. 

Profs' Phonics Smar-test 1 by Doc Ruth

Hideout: Early Reading by Brigham Young University


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