Sunday, June 16, 2013

Technology Survey Results

About two weeks ago, I posted a technology survey. I am very pleased that I had 82 responses and that the survey appeared to work flawlessly. This survey is in no way scientific, but an interesting way to learn about the technology used by readers of this blog. 

Most responses were from SLPs who worked in schools. A real eye-opener for me was the total number of SLPs in the school systems/divisions of the responders. I work in a large school division of about 90 SLPs. One SLP was one of 400+ , but exactly half worked in school divisions/systems with less than 10 SLPs. 

Everyone had access to a computer, but 21% reported using personal laptops. 

The majority of those responding do not have access to interactive whiteboards. 

One lucky SLP has an iPad AND iPad Mini provided by the school. However, 45% of those who responded use personal iPads or tablets in their work settings and 8% do not have access to an iPad or other etablet.  

I sometimes post to BoardmakerShare; however, this shows that only 32% of these SLPs can access my Boardmaker posts. 

Here are a sample of some of the comments:

  • Caseloads too high to use technology as a lot of groups are large or service is integrated.
  • I find it shocking that we aren't all given access to Boardmaker. It would sure make my life easier! Another thing that I find frustrating is that we do not have the ability to print in color anywhere in the district. If we want color copies, we have to use our personal printers at home.
  • I use technology every day in every setting in some form or fashion to support therapy and assessments.
  • I work in a charter school and we are required to provide all of our own materials, laptop and iPad. 
  • We have been promised IPADS maybe next Fall.  There are Smartboards out in classrooms, but wireless is often down.  Technology is coming but slowly.
  •  I work in a private/Medicaid-funded school in an urban area with students from poor families.  I often make purchases from my home funds without the expectation of reimbursement.  I NEED free or low-priced apps and websites.

Thank you to all who responded to the survey. I used Google Drive to create the survey and easily show the results. And, it just so happens that Ruth Morgan at Chapel Hill Snippets has posted a "how to" for using this form to collect data in therapy.  Check it out! 


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  1. Thanks for collecting and posting this! I do technology trainings for SLPs, so this info gives me a new perspective on the tech situation for some.

    1. My reason as well. The SLPs in my school division are extremely lucky as they have all of the items and more!


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