Monday, September 9, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure Box: Use Books in Speech and Language Therapy

Books were my favorite therapy tool and I continue to use books with students as I determine AAC needs. 

Today's treasure is Jessica Chase's wonderful book lists for speech and language therapy at her blog, Constantly Speaking. 

Free or low cost places to obtain books: 
  • Free books at your school or public library.
  • Find very cheap books at garage sales. When my children were young, I went to two or three neighborhood garage sales a year to stock up on books. These books belonged to my children, but Mom borrowed them frequently. 
  • Purchase from Scholastic Reading Club (formerly known as Scholastic Book Clubs) where a few good books are offered for only a dollar or two. New books in that low price range are added each month. Join Scholastic Reading Club and earn points for every purchase or find a teacher in your school that orders books to purchase your books as a part of her class. 
  • Find well over 200 popular books to read on-line at Pearson's Publishing We Give Books.  


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