Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure Box: i Teach with Technology

I stumbled upon i Teach with Technology when looking for good ideas for app related activities.  I found GREAT activities at Karen Ogen's blog Her language-rich activities are collaborative, hands-on, and use content-creation apps such as Popplet, Puppet Pals, and PicCollage. Karen doesn't have a huge number of posts, but what she lacks in quantity is certainly made up by quality. 

Students used Photo Cards for reflection following a field trip, retold a story using Face Talker, used Puppet Pals for a persuasive writing activity, and sorted solids, liquids, and gases using PicCollage.  

The blog isn't limited to app activities. Karen also shares teacher tools and websites. Pass on her Interactive Learning Sites for Education to parents and teachers. 



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