Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Great Low Budget Resource: The Stuttering Foundation of America

Myths about Stuttering is a free
brochure that can be downloaded
from The Stuttering Foundation website. 
I received an email recently, from the marketing director of The Stuttering Foundation of America, asking that I mention it in my blog.  I have had a website since 2004 and often ignore such requests as they are usually for profit requests. However, The Stuttering Foundation, a nonprofit organization,  is one that I have used during my career. Back in the days before the Internet, The Stuttering Foundation was one of only a few free resources. 

A look at the site revealed much information and many free or low cost resources.  When you go to the website make sure that you watch Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids.  Parents will benefit from the free video Stutteringand Your Child: Help for Parents.

7 Tips for Talking with Your Child, 8 Tips for Teachers, and Why Speech Therapy are just three of the several free brochures available to download.

Some free E-books are also available on the site. In the pdf format, these books can be printed or downloaded on to your tablet.  Sometimes I Just Stutter and Trouble at Recess are good for use when talking about stuttering with your students.

If you want to brush up on current research, visit the Basic Research page.

And, although not free, The Stuttering Foundation is another good source for those of you who need CEUs. 


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