Saturday, September 22, 2012

Laminate Your Leaves!

 Every fall, the early childhood teachers talked about fall and falling leaves and in speech/language group, I often read one of Jean Warren's Object Rhymes. The one for fall goes like this:

Leaves on the dog. 
Leaves on the street.
Leaves on the ground. 
Leaves on the wagon. 
Leaves on the pumpkin. 
Leaves on the house.
Leaves on me. 
Leaves on the car. 
Leaves on the feet. 
Leaves on the bear. 
Leaves everywhere! 

I used objects (a toy dog, bear, paper street, etc.) and the children moved around the room putting the leaves on the objects. I took pictures of the leaves on the objects, made PowerPoints, and device overlays. 

I liked using real leaves, but they were easily crumbled, could be chewed on, and  just downright messy. So, I laminated about 25 different leaves and after the "fall leaves" lesson was over, I put my leaves into my fall file to use for another year. 


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