Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apps to Make Life a Little Easier

For those of you who are lucky enough to have iPads, apps are some of the most inexpensive materials that you can find. For productivity and organization tools alone, you can find a lot for very little cost. I can't tell you how much money I spent over the years on tools to make my life easier; kitchen timers, calculators, counters, stopwatches, tokens, graph paper, and books with data collection sheets, ready-made forms and notes, etc. billed as "time-savers for teachers." 

I now have a timer, stopwatch, calculator, and even a flashlight on my phone. A visual timer app takes the place of my kitchen timers. I have apps that calculate ages and percentiles, count responses, and graph progress. And, I couldn't do without my Dropbox, OneNote, and iBooks.  

Here are some of the apps that make my life just a little easier.

Dropbox - I never have to take my laptop or a flashdrive home at night. Any file that is saved to my Dropbox is accessible from all of my computers and devices.  FREE

OneNote - I use Microsoft OneNote to plan and organize at work and at home. FREE

iBooks - I use iBooks to organize needed PDF documents such as "how to" information, needed training documents, conference handouts, and PowerPoint books for students. In addition to buying books from the iBook store, ebooks can be checked out from my local library. FREE

Find My iPhone - works with iPad as well. Leave your iPhone or iPad at one of your schools and the app shows you the location on a nice satellite map (I've never done this . . . ). FREE

EasyBee Age Calculator - Fast and easy!  FREE

Percentally - My favorite app to tally student's responses. Quickly set it up for multiple students and/or multiple objectives. $2.99

Notes - That yellow lined notepad that came with the iPad is great for observations, notes to myself, etc.  FREE

Pages - A word processor that can be exported as a Pages document, a Microsoft Word document or a PDF file.  $9.99

VisTimer - An easy to use visual timer. Customize colors and sounds. There is a free version, but I didn't like the ads. $1.99

Total: $14.97

Next Post - A chance to win one of three apps from the Mobile Education Store. 


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